Sunday, June 19

We turned One - and I nearly missed it!

Today is one year since my first blog post! And I think that is as good as any other way to determine how old Monkey and Me is!!

Admittedly I have been pretty quite on the Monkey and Me from for the best part of the last six months but so much other cool stuff has been happening - and some not so cool stuff to. So lets not dwell on that lets just say;

"Hip Hip HOORAY!"

And in celebration I am going to load a whole album on our Facebook page tomorrow that will have some very cool discounts!!

This beautiful Picnic Caplet will be 20% off!

I am also very excited about the coming months! I will have my very own creative space in the new retail shop that I am opening for Buy Hand here is Townsville. I am sharing the space with Pompom Rouge - the birth child of Kirsty. Kirsty is one of the most talented quilters, inspirational designers and all round crafty genuis that I have had the pleasure of meeting. As of July 1st we will running our businesses side by side and hopefully teaching and learning from each other as we go!

There are some big things coming for Monkey and Me so watch this space over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support over the last 12 months!