Sunday, June 19

We turned One - and I nearly missed it!

Today is one year since my first blog post! And I think that is as good as any other way to determine how old Monkey and Me is!!

Admittedly I have been pretty quite on the Monkey and Me from for the best part of the last six months but so much other cool stuff has been happening - and some not so cool stuff to. So lets not dwell on that lets just say;

"Hip Hip HOORAY!"

And in celebration I am going to load a whole album on our Facebook page tomorrow that will have some very cool discounts!!

This beautiful Picnic Caplet will be 20% off!

I am also very excited about the coming months! I will have my very own creative space in the new retail shop that I am opening for Buy Hand here is Townsville. I am sharing the space with Pompom Rouge - the birth child of Kirsty. Kirsty is one of the most talented quilters, inspirational designers and all round crafty genuis that I have had the pleasure of meeting. As of July 1st we will running our businesses side by side and hopefully teaching and learning from each other as we go!

There are some big things coming for Monkey and Me so watch this space over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your support over the last 12 months!

Sunday, October 31

Spring Project - Quilt

Here is my finished Spring Craft Project that finished yesterday.

Make sure you check out the new months challenge organised my the Creative Collective - this month - they are using the finished wares to raise money for the Starlight Foundation.

If you like the quilt - it will be for sale tomorrow on Ethikl.

Wednesday, October 27

So much to tell you!

Its been quite a while since we spoke last and loads of exciting things has happened for Monkey and Me - its really a bit hard to know where to start. Ok well the last post was about the market - so lets get back to that!

I had a Blast so I want to say a HUGE THANKS to Christine who runs the Townsville and Mackay Babies and Kids Markets. I would also like to thanks Miss Danielle from the beautiful Lilah Rose who sat next to me and kept me company all day (and also let me cuddle her tiny 6 week old baby girl)! You are both great women doing wonderful things!

"Pics of the stall?" you say, HHMM you think there would be - but due to a naughty camera I can not download them. I haven't given up hope just yet but it is not looking good! Maybe I will have to recreate the set up for you and take some pics. Thanks to my awesome bunting from Giggleberrry Creations the still did look amazing!

Right clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes!! Monkey and Me has loads of fun new stuff for summer (and a bit for christmas too) but i won't bother telling you about them because pictures speak louder than words.

We have Girls Shorts. . .

and Boys Shorts. . .

Sets. . .

We have Christmas tees. . .

And Christmas Outfits. . .

But here is something I will tell you about. . . here is Monkey and Me's newest and most exciting product!

Draw A Toy!

"What's that you say?"

Well that is where you can get your children (or yourself) to draw a picture, send the pic (by post or email to Monkey and Me, and we will send you back your picture - in a frame, ready to hang in your kids room and accompanied by a matching toy!

In short your kids will own a one of a kind toy that they designed. If your kids are too young (like mine is still poking wholes in paper as appose to making pictures) you can send in a drawing or request a custom toy and matching drawing so you can still know no one in the world has the same toy!

The drawing can be of anything from robots to dinosaurs, rabbits to rainbows, flowers to bicycles. If you can draw it we can stuff it!

"How much?" you ask.

Why $40 of course (plus postage - $8)

Let me know your thoughts on this new product and if you have any questions or want to order one just post a comment or email me at

Sunday, October 10

Market time again

Oh my goodness - it just dawned on me that the Babies and Kids Market is in less than two weeks! And due to a family wedding, a cranky sick baby and uni uni and more uni I have just had almost 3 weeks in which I have hardly touched the sewing machine!

Breath Elle . . . panic slowly. . .OK - so today I went to office works (I am a closet stationary nut by the way) and bought myself some exciting new toys!

  • Yellow note paper - may not seem exciting to most but I have already brainstormed the hell out it and I am less likely to lose it amongst the uni work cause its YELLOW!
  • Clips which I am going to use to hang some calico to my wall in the morning to use as a project board
  • Colored cards to use as To Do cards which can be filed or pined to my wall depending on priority
  • Pens - it will be nice to have working pens in my work space again
These may seem silly to you but I am pumped! I have written shopping lists, to-do lists, ideas, packing lists for the day - oh how I love lists! Now tomorrow is a crazy busy day but come 5 pm tomorrow I will be in lockdown Market Mode!! YAY I cant wait - I had so much fun last time and this time I already know I am sitting near another exciting new business owner and friend, Danielle - Lilah Rose sells amazing baby carriers and nappy pouches. She has wonderful organic products available.

If you are Townsville local make sure you come by the markets - there was some amazing stuff there last time!

Thursday, October 7

Slump, funck, rut - you name it Im in it!

So. . . What to do about it?

Well a few things actually! First - I have quit my day job, it is just making me stress and anxious! I haven't quite reached the point yet where I don't have to work a bread and butter job at all (sadly) but the job I am currently doing is a boring office job with too much pressure and no enjoyment. I used to love it but times change and priorities change. SO the job has to change!! I feel so good about this decision.

This Saturday I am starting a NEW and very EXCITING job and a beautiful quilting and craft shop in Townsville - Pom Pom Rouge! So I will be around heaps of pretty fabrics, clever people and new found love for all things quilty!

The other thing I have tried to do though it didnt work well while I was away is set myself work hours. While this sometimes means doing work when I would rather not more importantly it stops me for fiddling on the computer when I should be playing with my monkey!

Within these work hours I am also allocating myself specific time to business development, production sewing (filling orders and market prep) and creative sewing (anything fun!) This is helping me focus and get my tasks done but still enjoy myself!

Oh and I have a new found appreciation for all things caffeine; but especially a yummy Japanese green tea with lime - its great hot or cold! MMMmmm tea!!!

The last very exciting thing on my list of De-rut tricks is to sign myself up for a Spring Craft Project! This is a project run by the Creative Collective - who is a group of creative, clever bloggers who want to offer interactive projects for their readers so have joined forces and are kicking it off with a Spring inspired project - head over here if you want to read more about it.

Feel free to leave comments with springy suggestions - maybe a light cotton quilt? Or a floral dress? What do you guys think? I am defiantly thinking Amy Butler will play a role!

Giveaway Quilt

For those of you who have followed MnM for a while now - you may remember a Quilt Giveaway we had way back when. . .

Well here is a pic for you because the quilt is finally in the hands of the very deserving owner Kylie - who encouraged followers and offered great suggestions!

We need to get less than 30 more followers on Monkey and Me's Facebook Page and we will host another exciting giveaway!! So if you haven't already liked us - head over. And if you have please suggest us to your friends. You don't want to miss out on this one!

As Seen in . . .

It is with a racing heart beat and a smile from ear to ear that I share with you the exciting news. . .

Monkey and Me is in PRINT - wow is that a little surreal or what?

Dumbo Feather is a fabulous mook (half mag half book), that comes out four times a year. Each issue contains the stories of five remarkable, creative people.

I myself only discovered it a short time ago but I find it truly inspirational and always interesting! So when there was an opportunity for new businesses to advertise at a discounted rate I jumped at it!!

With the help of a wonderful friend Michaela, and her beautiful daughter Julia, my own handsome Monkey, and the amazing Amanda Fuller - who has done lots of great design things for me now - the ad was completed and submitted all in about 4 days.

I strongly suggest heading to the website and checking out Dumbo Feather - but for those of you who dont here is the ad. What do you think?