Friday, July 30

I should be. . .

I should be hanging out washing - the last load has been finished since about 4 this afternoon.

I should be sewing - I have loads of orders to get on with! YAY!!

I should even more than that be studying - I have my LAST three uni exams coming up over the next two wks (that is if i manage to pass all these ones). YES so close! Then just a few more assignments over the coming months and I will be DONE!

So why aren't I sewing, or studying? Well I have just put the baby to bed and did a quick email, FB, twitter check before I got into work of one kind or another. And I have a new liker on FB (up to 152 now!!) and a new email from another WAHM. I have also had tweets of mine ReTweeted!

And it just struck me - I love this network of Work At Home Parents that I have accidently become apart of. So many of us do similar things but we still all shout out and support each other rather than the backstab competitiveness you find in the corporate world. So to all you mums (and dads) out there trying to achieve the same thing - a better life for you and your kids, hopefully getting to do something you love along the way - THANK YOU for your support, kindness and willingness to build each other up!

Hope you are all having a great Friday night - I better study, or should I sew???

Tuesday, July 27

Yay - its still Tuesday!!

TUESDAY TREASURES!! I am so glad I made to the computer while it is still Tuesday this week.

I do admit for the past hour my attention has been very divided - by that I mean I look at the computer for the few min during the ad breaks of rafters! I cant help it!!

Anyway now onto business and this weeks Tuesday Treasures from Made It have a very special theme. ECO FRIENDLY!

This theme is in celebration of Monkey and Me's new ECO, ORGANIC, BAMBOO clothing range! I am SO SO excited to start sharing these with you all. But thats for another day (hopfully very soon).

It is with this in mind that I am bring you 5 amazing Made It finds from five great stores, all of which are in someway mindfully of their Eco Impact while crafting!!

one - You cant get much more ECO Friendly then abit of good up-cycling! Check out this great skirt from Lillipilli Lane, it is made from a preloved table cloth. It is fun, frilly and yellow - how can it not be great??

two - A cute little halter neck dress, made from recycled fabric! Cute cute CUTE! Red Tree Designs is another store to be sure to stop by, all of their stuff is Eco Friendly and it is all so bright, fun and fantastic!

three - Forget me Not Matchbooks are sweet little note pads made from recycled, handmade cupboard and paper. Their size means you can keep them in heaps of places to write you self reminder notes. I love the colors too.

four - Now who doesn't love a good hobby horse? Well I put it to you that you do not know a GOOD hobby horse until you have checked these out!! Calamity Bolt makes these and amazing, unique horses from reclaimed fabric and sustainable pine.

five - now I promise she isn't paying me, and I didn't even go looking for these I stumbled across them in my ECO hunt! But the clever little lady who helped me with my blog, logo and various other design tasks - who also blogs and I am such a million other creative bits and pieces - is working on a stationery line called Lemon Tree Lane. I think these "In Any Language" prints are wonderful! They come in various different colors and you can get brother, sister, father, mother and friend! And of course they are Eco Friendly to boot!!

Hope you had as much fun as I did, Im off to bed! :- )

Monday, July 26


Well it has taken me two and half days to recover - I have a bunch of sewing to get on with but I wanted to share with you all a little bit of the fun I had on Saturday at the 1st Townsville Kids and Babies Market!! So here is a BIG shout out of thanks to Christine for all her hard work!!

I had such a blast! Got some orders, meet some great mums!! And learnt lots for next time!! Quite a few new product ideas have come to mind since as well so stay tuned :-)

I am sorry about the quality of pics - my camera was not being friendly so these are off my phone at least you get the idea!

Hope you all had fabulous weekends as well!

Friday, July 23

So what do you think?

It has been far too busy a week this week. I have had so much to share with all and no time to share it :-(

Today is a busy day with an exam to do at two and i LONG night of sewing ahead of me to be sure, and double sure I am ready for the markets tomorrow. But I just wanted to ask you all want you thought of the new look for our little blog? So please leave a comment and let me know!

If you like it you should certainly head over and check out Calico and Co. Amanda is a very clever graphic designer who has helped me out with logos, blog design and a few other tricky things. Working with her has been a pleasure so if you need any of these services I can not recommend her enough!

But even if you don't need these things make sure you check out her blog - she shares some of the most interesting things, talks about Aussie designers, has loads of giveaways and more!

Wednesday, July 21

Another Wednesday Wonder!


That is all I have been doing this week as I have an intensive class all day everyday AND this Saturday is our big Markets Debut!! I will post more about this a little later. . .

But First here is my wonderful MadeIt finds for the week! The theme this week is GLASS! I thought this would make it easy as surely there aren't many people out there working with glass - well how silly was I! But I'm glad I picked this one because once more I am dazzled with the variety and quality of the handmade products out there!!

One - These great pendents have been made from vintage story books set under tempered glass. But make sure you head to the store of Red Zebra Designs as they have an amazing array of fun quirky things on offer! From belt buckles to head bands to keyboard key jewelry they have it all!

Two - Nomstar make super sweet magnets from exciting papers and high quality glass. I love these but at my house they would still get put straight in the mouth of a certain cheeky monkey, so I will have to wait a while yet.

Three - Now this is a little trip down memory lane. . .I do love owls! How could you not keep one of these in your handbag and take it with you wherever you go! It is a pocket mirror and let me tell you I hardly look in my bathroom mirror before I leave the house in the morning and I sure don't touch up my makeup through out the day (cause I'm not often wearing makeup). But even I sometimes wish I had a mirror with me - so now I can have one with owls on it! Iszle is another store well worth a lengthy browse.

Four - Another story book necklace but with a very different feel and one that actually stirs some memories reading Brer Rabbit with mum and dad as a kid. Head over to Wendushka and see their great range of vintage inspired necklaces.

Last but not Least - Antic Design makes these adorable little turtle ear rings. I think I love them partly because if I had to pick a favorite color it would be green! Detailed with gold and measuring 4cm these turtles would look so cute!!

Thanks again for reading and I hope next week will be less hectic and that should mean more blogging :-) Happy Wednesday everyone!

Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday Wonders @ MadeIt dot com dot au

Obviously this is in place of our Tuesday Treasures that unfortunately didn't happen yesterday for a few reasons - not least of which was the speed - or lack there of in relation to my internet connection! ARGH I hate it when it goes slow - there are too many weird and wonderful things online!

Any way so despite the snail speed at which my browser loads I am attempting to filter some good MadeIt stuff your way still. My dilemma from last week continues though - how can I narrow it down to just FIVE!

Well this week I am cheating a little - I thought the theme could be "Store Names" because some of the people of MadeIt inspire me just due the creative name they come up with for their store (or brand).

So here goes -

1. Bugalugs Handmade - this one pulls at my heart strings - when monkey isn't being called Monkey he gets Bugalugs! It is something my mum and dad called me too so i had to check out what they sell. And CUTE - all things crocheted! I know another store I talked about recently did some amazing crocheted stuff but this stuff is just as amazing but totally different! Check out these adorable softies!

2. Here We Go Loppy Lou - I dont know about you but I can NOT read this name without singing the song to myself. And to top it off they sell fabric greeting cards . . .sewing and stationary - I am in heaven!
3. Mugalicious - who doesnt love tea, or coffee and therefore MUGS! How incredibly cute is this stuff!

4. Edward and Lilly - A girl after my own heart! I love the simple lines and the beautiful embroidery Rebecca at Edward and Lilly uses in her designs. This is my fav - but make sure you head to her store because it is all cute cute CUTE!

5. Howdy Stranger - This may be favorite for the week! The name is so simple but like loppy lou it rings it my head and my inner monologue gets a southern drawl without even thinking about it. Which I think is kinda fun really! Oh and have you seen the stuff they make ( want to say cute but I think I used that too much in #3 and #4 - so instead i will say. . .) super fun, a little funky and very vintage! Ah I am in love!

Thanks for reading - feel free to leave comments I love to chat!

Hope you have enjoyed our little MadeIt Moment - next week I think I am going to talk about five things that I have bought from the site (why this has not occurred to me sooner I don't know!!)

Tuesday, July 13

Tuesday Treasures. . .is coming

I am Sorry! I am having internet issues and can load MadeIt or add pics or open my emails.

I will be back here tomorrow afternoon to bring you Tuesday Treasures - all be it a day late!

Thanks for waiting. . .

Sunday, July 11

Pictures in the Park

Friday, July 9

Just a little ditty

We pin, we cut, we iron and then,
We sew, we stitch, we quilt and hem,
to make for all your kids, great stuff,
and because we know kids can get rough,

we make it carefully with care,
so please our link; could you share!
Monkey and Me is our name; do tell,
All your friends, but please dont yell!

Happy Friday everyone I hope you have a wonderful day followed by an even better weekend!

Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday Treasures - Owls!

I thought if I gave my self a topic for each Tuesday Treasures Post I would be ok - I wouldn't have to spend SO many hours looking - but I still do!! There are so many amazingly creative people in this sunburnt country of ours it is blowing me away at the moment!

I am fairly new to this blog thing and the further I fall down the rabbit hole the more I see it is an endless tunnel! I am so inspired some days and other days I am so overwhelmed I need to just walk away!

Madeit is much the same - one day it is "Yes I could that, oh I could do that but better, no one has done this it must be a unique idea of mine, YES YES!" but then somedays it is more like "Oh I could never have thought of that, or that, or that!" So consider yourselves warned - this could be dangerous and addictive and highly unhealthy, but I LOVE every minute of it - I hope you do too! Here are my five treasures for this lovely, almost over Tuesday!

ONE - a 1" button ring with a Christopher the Owl Illustration, by Osier. I think he is so beautiful, I just can't work out if it is because of, or in spite of the fact that he looks so sad! Anyway this one might end up at my place!

TWO - back to great kids stuff, I went a little giddy for this great Alphabet poster. Hummingbrid's Song is a great little Madeit Shop that sell one off artworks which are made a little extra special with button and felt details! I am a sucker for ABC stuff it is one of my favorite songs (can tell I am a mum hey).

THREE - I am not a huge fan of mobiles, and Aston was given three I think! But I could not go past this little owl gem! The colors, daggy shapes and big goggely eyes have me hooked! I might get one for my bed! Well maybe not but if I ever have a little girl I think this could be a lovely addition to the nursery! So check out Gifts Created for this and other cool stuff for fun loving kids!

FOUR - Mel P Designs is your one stop shop for anything crocheted! I was drawn to this hat because, well despite it obvious cuteness, the boy in the pic looks like my little bro and this hat is totally something he would wear - even now at 21, He is just that kind of a guy! But seriously stop by this store some of her creations are amazing!! I wish I could knit and crochet, maybe in my next life!

FIVE - and the reason behind my OWL choice this week is this inspiration list to remember each and every day. Now Rae (my housemate) wrote us a list similar to this a little while ago and they lived on the fridge for sometime but I think framing it would help mark it as important. And I LOVE OWLS! So I think this is super cute!! Also check out the buntings at Rourke and Henry - I got one for Rae and it is adorable!

Monday, July 5

What a week it has been!

So here is a quick update.

The Quilt Giveaway was a BLAST! I had so much fun and am still having fun finishing the quilt off! Pics will have to wait until after our winner has unwrapped her gift!

I am amazed that the Monkey and Me facebook page now has over 90 "likers" and a just over a week ago it had 20! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition but a huge CONGRATS to Kylie who made so many suggestions - many of which I am following up on, and sent many a friend to our page! Thanks Mrs T for your kindness and support!

Also though I have to say a thanks to Sonia who also went mad recruiting likers! I have decided to send her a runners up gift for all her great work! Monkey singlet coming your way this week Sonia. And in the sprit of support I would love you all to check out Sonia's FB page for her business Pretty Divine - she sells jewelry and hair accessories for great prices! (she also has a huge sale kicking off on the 15th - so be sure to check it out)

I have not done near enough sewing this week - but the last two days I haven't felt very well, just tired I think really so I have been a little on the lazy side! Thinking of heading to bed around 7:30 tonight too!

BUT I did go to my first even quilters meeting and WOW what fun that is!! I have great friends and an incredible housemate who like me dabbles in the crafter things in life. But most people look at funny when you are 24 and you say you are going home to sew for the afternoon! So it is awesome to meet some other people who like to do just that!

I cant wait until next months meeting when I can catch up with them all again!

The Baby Markets where Monkey and Me will make our first ever public appearance is in 20 days! So after I have an early night tonight I am officially in PANIC MODE! I also have 3 uni exams to sit in the first two weeks of August so sewing is not my only priority between now and then. So I am writing myself a roster and setting time and days aside to do each! I need to be focused and disciplined. Wish me LUCK!

Dont forget to stop by tomorrow for the Tuesday Treasures - I think the theme tomorrow will be "owls"!