Tuesday, July 6

Tuesday Treasures - Owls!

I thought if I gave my self a topic for each Tuesday Treasures Post I would be ok - I wouldn't have to spend SO many hours looking - but I still do!! There are so many amazingly creative people in this sunburnt country of ours it is blowing me away at the moment!

I am fairly new to this blog thing and the further I fall down the rabbit hole the more I see it is an endless tunnel! I am so inspired some days and other days I am so overwhelmed I need to just walk away!

Madeit is much the same - one day it is "Yes I could that, oh I could do that but better, no one has done this it must be a unique idea of mine, YES YES!" but then somedays it is more like "Oh I could never have thought of that, or that, or that!" So consider yourselves warned - this could be dangerous and addictive and highly unhealthy, but I LOVE every minute of it - I hope you do too! Here are my five treasures for this lovely, almost over Tuesday!

ONE - a 1" button ring with a Christopher the Owl Illustration, by Osier. I think he is so beautiful, I just can't work out if it is because of, or in spite of the fact that he looks so sad! Anyway this one might end up at my place!

TWO - back to great kids stuff, I went a little giddy for this great Alphabet poster. Hummingbrid's Song is a great little Madeit Shop that sell one off artworks which are made a little extra special with button and felt details! I am a sucker for ABC stuff it is one of my favorite songs (can tell I am a mum hey).

THREE - I am not a huge fan of mobiles, and Aston was given three I think! But I could not go past this little owl gem! The colors, daggy shapes and big goggely eyes have me hooked! I might get one for my bed! Well maybe not but if I ever have a little girl I think this could be a lovely addition to the nursery! So check out Gifts Created for this and other cool stuff for fun loving kids!

FOUR - Mel P Designs is your one stop shop for anything crocheted! I was drawn to this hat because, well despite it obvious cuteness, the boy in the pic looks like my little bro and this hat is totally something he would wear - even now at 21, He is just that kind of a guy! But seriously stop by this store some of her creations are amazing!! I wish I could knit and crochet, maybe in my next life!

FIVE - and the reason behind my OWL choice this week is this inspiration list to remember each and every day. Now Rae (my housemate) wrote us a list similar to this a little while ago and they lived on the fridge for sometime but I think framing it would help mark it as important. And I LOVE OWLS! So I think this is super cute!! Also check out the buntings at Rourke and Henry - I got one for Rae and it is adorable!


kristieb said...

oh me oh my, I just stumbled across your blog via twitter cause I liked your monkey picture and whadya know you know me!!! excitement plus, thanks for the shout out and I'm so glad you like Coco's Wisdom - it's a happy place, we're glad to meet you!! xx

Monkey and Me said...

WOW - it is a small online world isnt it! I love all your creations and I stalk your blogs so it is an honor to have you stop by! I hope do again soon.

Hope your day is full of fun and creativity!

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