Monday, July 5

What a week it has been!

So here is a quick update.

The Quilt Giveaway was a BLAST! I had so much fun and am still having fun finishing the quilt off! Pics will have to wait until after our winner has unwrapped her gift!

I am amazed that the Monkey and Me facebook page now has over 90 "likers" and a just over a week ago it had 20! Thank you so much to everyone who entered the competition but a huge CONGRATS to Kylie who made so many suggestions - many of which I am following up on, and sent many a friend to our page! Thanks Mrs T for your kindness and support!

Also though I have to say a thanks to Sonia who also went mad recruiting likers! I have decided to send her a runners up gift for all her great work! Monkey singlet coming your way this week Sonia. And in the sprit of support I would love you all to check out Sonia's FB page for her business Pretty Divine - she sells jewelry and hair accessories for great prices! (she also has a huge sale kicking off on the 15th - so be sure to check it out)

I have not done near enough sewing this week - but the last two days I haven't felt very well, just tired I think really so I have been a little on the lazy side! Thinking of heading to bed around 7:30 tonight too!

BUT I did go to my first even quilters meeting and WOW what fun that is!! I have great friends and an incredible housemate who like me dabbles in the crafter things in life. But most people look at funny when you are 24 and you say you are going home to sew for the afternoon! So it is awesome to meet some other people who like to do just that!

I cant wait until next months meeting when I can catch up with them all again!

The Baby Markets where Monkey and Me will make our first ever public appearance is in 20 days! So after I have an early night tonight I am officially in PANIC MODE! I also have 3 uni exams to sit in the first two weeks of August so sewing is not my only priority between now and then. So I am writing myself a roster and setting time and days aside to do each! I need to be focused and disciplined. Wish me LUCK!

Dont forget to stop by tomorrow for the Tuesday Treasures - I think the theme tomorrow will be "owls"!



jandkturnbull said...

It was an absolute delight to participate in your giveaway last week. It was fun and inspirational and has prompted me to try some of the ideas as well ... so watch out!!
It's great watching M&M grow so rapidly. And your plans are so big. This month is going to be crazy for you between sewing, markets, uni and being a mum. I do hope that you look after yourself. A roster/timetable does sound like a good idea.
In relation to Tues Treasures ... I love owls! So am looking forward to it!
PS- I'm heading over to Sonia's tonight to check it out!
Love, K

Anonymous said...

I hear you!!! re: going home to sew and getting funny looks!!! it is so frustrating when people think you are aging prematurely just because you're sewing.

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