Wednesday, June 30


Hi all,

Well while this week has been hectic and I have had lots of non Monkey and Me things to be doing - and some internet dramas yesterday - there is a lot going on with our new little business too!

Officially have 30 followers on Facebook and that is growing everyday - I have meet and spoke to some very inspirational people who are running their own businesses - many of whom are like me, mums just trying to do the best they can to provide for their kids without missing out on watching them grow.

I am amazed by what some women can achieve while raising a family!

Anyway - I am here today to kick off a HUGE Giveaway from Monkey and Me! Because I am having so much fun on the Facebook Page and I want our little blog to grow too I am offering you all the chance to win a handmade, quilted rug!

Here is a sneak at the fabrics it will have in it and I am SUPER excited to get sewing. Your job is to become a follower of the Monkey and Me Blog (gets you one entry), refer a friend either to the Blog or the Facebook Page (3 entries for you and one for them - just ask them to leave a comment with your name when they join), or leave a comment letting me know what you want to buy for your kids but cant find easily (5 entries!), it might be hats that you can tie on or funky shorts for boys, it might be baby friendly softies or onesies for older kids.

I look forward to reading your comments.

The entries will be put in a hat (or a tupperware container) and drawn out at 9am Saturday Morning so the more suggestions and friends you send my way the more chance you have of scouring yourself a beautiful bright rug to snuggle up with for the last half of winter - and for many winters to come :-)

Make sure at least one of your comments includes your blog link or an email address so we can find the winner easily!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!


Pretty Divine said...

awesome im definitely taking part in this..
something i want for my son that i struggle to find is: nice clothing that is well made and doesnt have slogans printed all over it (i find alot of the slogans on boys clothing to be so horrible and wont dress my son in it!!)

Sonia Brennan

Monkey and Me said...

thanks Sonia, I know what you mean - girl stuff can be so pretty but almost all the boy stuff out there is aggressive!

Thats FIVE entries for you so far!

jandkturnbull said...

Okay, first comment to win this giveaway... (having just become a follower of the blog...)
What do I want to buy for my kids but can't find easily:
1. Durable reasonably priced clothes which are cute, able to be played in and not plastered with characters from the tele.
2. Girls everyday wear which is not either pink, purple or black and doesn't have some sort of obsene grown up quote on the front
3. Useful hats which stay on and have a broad brim (I've got a 3 year old already covered in freckles despite a completely sun overprotective mumma, and a 2 year old ranger!)None of this ridiculus bucket hat business- how do they ever protect from the sun??
4. I've been contemplating making myself some cute "play aprons" to put on the girls when they are playing in the garden to help keep their clothes a bit cleaner.... still contemplating...
5. Cute elastic waisted play trousers with funky pockets for "treasures"

THat's a start. Will be back with more ideas before Sat...!

Pretty Divine said...

:) im following now too xx

Monkey and Me said...

And so you are Sonia, and sent someone to my Facebook page too so the points are adding up!

Kyile - wow thanks for all your comments they are so helpful! And So true I especially love the comment about pockets I am 24 and I still hate wearing clothes without pockets!

As for your No3 comment - I know a lady who makes AMAZING hats for her young girls lol!

Thank you both so much for your comments so far!

kimmy said...

Sonia sent me here to!!! hehe she determined LOL
OK as a youngish mum of 4 2 boys 11 and 3 and 2 girls 9 and 4

i have a hard time
1. finding handmade items for my eldest son i made a pledge with Sonia this year that we woudl get as much as we can from WAHP and finding stuff for older boys is near impossible or expensive(although i will pay for quality)

2. something that wont make my girl look like
hookers my 4yr old should have "your boyfriend wants me " written on her tshirt and my daughters arse sholdnt hang out of her shorts

3 durabilty ..i want something my 3 yr old can last in more than a week
ok i think that s it
good luck SONIA!!!!!!

jandkturnbull said...

Okay. Some more ideas.
1. It's cold here. Really cold. But scarves aren't practical for small busy moving people. They slide off. WHat about a cute, non-knitted scarf circle thing made with pretty fabric one side and lovely cuddly soft minky or fleecy stuff the other side. They could be looped over little ones necks to keep them warm with no fear of falling off. Yes. That's a good idea. I might even give it a go.
2. What about cute warm winter hats which aren't beanies. For little ones.
3. Cute little leg warmers to wear over tights for little girls. Sometimes tights aren't warm enough in this weather and leg warmers can be cute. If done properly. Which you so could!

Am still thinking. Will drop by again before the deadline!

jandkturnbull said...

And again...!
1. Would really like some nice slightly padded letters and numbers in pretty fabrics or nice quality felt to use with Olivia. Have seen some with magnets on the back which I'd love for the fridge...
2. I'd love an "activity centre" sort of thing with an assortment of zips, velcro, bows to tie, buttons to button to help develop fine motor skills and concentration
3. I am a sucker for lovely felt food for kids to play with. Infact, anything which develops imagination I love. I've seen stunning fabric tea cups and tea pots which would make dreamy kids tea parties (something I believe you're VERY good at!)

Will keep thinking .... there's still time to increase my chances!
Love, K xx

Claire said...

I'm following your blog

Atoxim at gmail dot com

Claire said...

My nephew is into anything that makes noise or has button he can push or zips or creates a crunchy noise, if you could combine all 4 he's be elated LOL

Atoxim at gmail dot com

jandkturnbull said...

Me again!
Actually the letters/numbers I was talking about would be great on little beanbags- I've seen that done before and it looks great. I'd love a set.

Monkey and Me said...

I have been overwhelmed with the response for the competition so we are still checking the entries etc, to be sure we don't miss any! The winner will be drawn at 2pm today! Thank you all so much for your support and interest!

Anonymous said...

Lovely to meet you today, Elle. I look forward to catching up with you again some time soon.

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