Saturday, June 19

Shirts. . .

Well monkey and me was born out of my love for fun applique on kids shirts - inspired by my own little monkey AJ. But now that it is off the ground, we have a store at MadeIt, a facebook page, our own email address and a date set for our first markets; I am beginning to see the possibilities are endless!

I have made a sock monkey (entirely hand-stitched) I am almost finished my first quilt (and Im pretty happy with it too), and all of the sewing jobs I used to think were too fiddly and time consuming seem a breeze with the help of my new BFF.

Ah my sweet Janome - I think we have many long and exciting years ahead of us!

I hope one day to look back at this particular post and think to myself - wow I cant believe our international company was bon out of such humble beginnings!

But enough daydreaming for today - I wanted to post a few pics of my stuff so far. They are not the best pictures but it is a start! And I will post more in the next few days as we get preped for the upcoming Baby Markets!