Tuesday, June 22

Shout out to

For those of you who know me - I think big but it doesn't always turn into anything tangible! I am a dreamer, a planner, a "gonna-doer". . .BUT 7 days ago today I launched myself into the world of home-run business! I know at this point it is a small small operation but I am thinking and dreaming big for this one! I have a bit of a tingly feeling about the future of Monkey and Me!

And this post is to say thanks to the great Online Market for Handmade treasures from around Australia - MadeIt.

I wanted to be a part of the excitement and list just a few of sewing projects - but Madeit advice page recommend you open a store front - this gives you your own home page and shoppers can view all your products in one place. But it requires you to have a store name and it works best if you also have a Logo. It was this pressure that gave birth to the "Monkey and Me" name and logo - both of which I am really happy with. Even though I have spent months considering different options and couldn't think of anything, I guess I have always worked better under pressure!

So to say thanks to MadeIt - and to have a bit of fun along the way Monkey and Me will be having a weekly blog on Tuesday called "Tuesday Tresures" and it will highlight all the cool exciting things I find on MadeIt throughout the week - so stay tuned. Tuesday Treasures will be kicking off next week.

And incase I haven't said it formally - Monkey and Me wants to say a big BIG thank you to Bec and her amazing site MadeIt.

We wouldn't be in business without your help.