Monday, June 28

Tuesday Treasures. . .for the first time!

I am almost ready to admit that my relationship with Madeit is that of an unhealthy nature. I think I could call it an addiction even. I cant cook tea - I'm browsing; I can't eat anyway I am busy browsing!

So I thought this Tuesday Treasures would be easy - just write a little blurb about a few of my great finds for the week. I am always telling new people about the site and exciting little discoveries so how hard can it be?

I had no idea! I feel so torn between SO so many of the great handmade products available. WOW there are some clever chickens hiding in all corners of this great country!

So I have managed to limit myself to five - hope thats ok by you.

First I simply love this Red Riding Hood jacket by Charlie Bird Clothing. They come in any size 00 to 3 and if my little monkey was a girl I would be getting one for sure! But he is so I just have daydream about the little princess I may have one day in the future!

Next, Ragamuffin Baby has amazing look baby carriers! I loved my sling when Monkey was a tiny baby but they took time to tie - these look so easy and comfy for both mum and bub!

Third find for the week is LoopeeDesigns and their totally cute pencil rolls - again a bit girly for my little munchkin but I am thinking of getting one for my self, everyone in uni lectures would be jealous of my and the stylish home for my pens and pencils (wont they?).

And although I am not at all meaning to have a theme the fourth great find this week is also perfect for little princesses! Little Chillies have a wide range of hats and clothes for both boys and girls but I simply love these African Safari Shoes! And anyone who can make shoes amazes me!

Number Five is another pretty girly thing but this one is for the mums! And like the shoes - this is a talent I wish I had but I don't! Livros is a great little store that hand makes notebooks with beautiful exposed biding. I love the colors they have available too!

Well that's the first edition of Tuesday Treasures! I had fun - I hope you do too! Be sure to join the handmade revolution and check out these stores at MadeIt. Oh and the many many other great ones!! Have a great Tuesday night! And there will be a new giveaway at Monkey and Me tomorrow morning!

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Fantastic treasures! Thanks for hunting out all those goodies for us to look at. Keep up the good work.

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