Wednesday, June 30


Hi all,

Well while this week has been hectic and I have had lots of non Monkey and Me things to be doing - and some internet dramas yesterday - there is a lot going on with our new little business too!

Officially have 30 followers on Facebook and that is growing everyday - I have meet and spoke to some very inspirational people who are running their own businesses - many of whom are like me, mums just trying to do the best they can to provide for their kids without missing out on watching them grow.

I am amazed by what some women can achieve while raising a family!

Anyway - I am here today to kick off a HUGE Giveaway from Monkey and Me! Because I am having so much fun on the Facebook Page and I want our little blog to grow too I am offering you all the chance to win a handmade, quilted rug!

Here is a sneak at the fabrics it will have in it and I am SUPER excited to get sewing. Your job is to become a follower of the Monkey and Me Blog (gets you one entry), refer a friend either to the Blog or the Facebook Page (3 entries for you and one for them - just ask them to leave a comment with your name when they join), or leave a comment letting me know what you want to buy for your kids but cant find easily (5 entries!), it might be hats that you can tie on or funky shorts for boys, it might be baby friendly softies or onesies for older kids.

I look forward to reading your comments.

The entries will be put in a hat (or a tupperware container) and drawn out at 9am Saturday Morning so the more suggestions and friends you send my way the more chance you have of scouring yourself a beautiful bright rug to snuggle up with for the last half of winter - and for many winters to come :-)

Make sure at least one of your comments includes your blog link or an email address so we can find the winner easily!

Happy Hump Day Everyone!

Monday, June 28

Tuesday Treasures. . .for the first time!

I am almost ready to admit that my relationship with Madeit is that of an unhealthy nature. I think I could call it an addiction even. I cant cook tea - I'm browsing; I can't eat anyway I am busy browsing!

So I thought this Tuesday Treasures would be easy - just write a little blurb about a few of my great finds for the week. I am always telling new people about the site and exciting little discoveries so how hard can it be?

I had no idea! I feel so torn between SO so many of the great handmade products available. WOW there are some clever chickens hiding in all corners of this great country!

So I have managed to limit myself to five - hope thats ok by you.

First I simply love this Red Riding Hood jacket by Charlie Bird Clothing. They come in any size 00 to 3 and if my little monkey was a girl I would be getting one for sure! But he is so I just have daydream about the little princess I may have one day in the future!

Next, Ragamuffin Baby has amazing look baby carriers! I loved my sling when Monkey was a tiny baby but they took time to tie - these look so easy and comfy for both mum and bub!

Third find for the week is LoopeeDesigns and their totally cute pencil rolls - again a bit girly for my little munchkin but I am thinking of getting one for my self, everyone in uni lectures would be jealous of my and the stylish home for my pens and pencils (wont they?).

And although I am not at all meaning to have a theme the fourth great find this week is also perfect for little princesses! Little Chillies have a wide range of hats and clothes for both boys and girls but I simply love these African Safari Shoes! And anyone who can make shoes amazes me!

Number Five is another pretty girly thing but this one is for the mums! And like the shoes - this is a talent I wish I had but I don't! Livros is a great little store that hand makes notebooks with beautiful exposed biding. I love the colors they have available too!

Well that's the first edition of Tuesday Treasures! I had fun - I hope you do too! Be sure to join the handmade revolution and check out these stores at MadeIt. Oh and the many many other great ones!! Have a great Tuesday night! And there will be a new giveaway at Monkey and Me tomorrow morning!

Friday, June 25

And the winner is. . .

Thank you all so much for your suggestions and comments! I love them all and I think I will use a few for new friends later on!

I am so excited about making more of these little guys so keep an eye for some exciting colors!

And now to announce the WINNER. . .

Mr K.B. who made a number of great suggestions is our official winner and the name for our cute little softies is the "Maile Doll"!

Thanks Kim!

There were so many names I liked but this one just stuck with me! So I think they say "It was meant to be" or it "Must be love" so Maile it is!

Thanks again to everyone who entered - the comps are only going to get bigger and better from here on! And Kim - I have it on pretty good authority that you have 2 grand kids - so I will send 2 little gifts instead of one!

I wish you all a fun filled weekend!

Tuesday, June 22

Giveaway to celebrate our One Week Birthday!

I know it's a little silly but I'm so excited about Monkey and Me and it has been a happening thing since this time last week - so in celebration I am having a giveaway!!

You need to work for it though. . .

I want to introduce to monkey's newest friend and though She will be only staying with us for a short time I hope as She is listed for sale at our Monkey and Me Madeit Store, She needs a NAME. . .

I intend on making a whole family of similar characters - my challenge to you all is to think of a name for this little collection of friends! So comment below and tell me your thoughts, the winner will one of their very own.

A dear friend of mine came up with a name yesterday but it wasn't as friendly as we want really. So get thinking - you have until midday friday when I will pick a winner. ( And keep in mind that although this friend is obviously a girl there will be boys it cant be too cutsie).

Shout out to

For those of you who know me - I think big but it doesn't always turn into anything tangible! I am a dreamer, a planner, a "gonna-doer". . .BUT 7 days ago today I launched myself into the world of home-run business! I know at this point it is a small small operation but I am thinking and dreaming big for this one! I have a bit of a tingly feeling about the future of Monkey and Me!

And this post is to say thanks to the great Online Market for Handmade treasures from around Australia - MadeIt.

I wanted to be a part of the excitement and list just a few of sewing projects - but Madeit advice page recommend you open a store front - this gives you your own home page and shoppers can view all your products in one place. But it requires you to have a store name and it works best if you also have a Logo. It was this pressure that gave birth to the "Monkey and Me" name and logo - both of which I am really happy with. Even though I have spent months considering different options and couldn't think of anything, I guess I have always worked better under pressure!

So to say thanks to MadeIt - and to have a bit of fun along the way Monkey and Me will be having a weekly blog on Tuesday called "Tuesday Tresures" and it will highlight all the cool exciting things I find on MadeIt throughout the week - so stay tuned. Tuesday Treasures will be kicking off next week.

And incase I haven't said it formally - Monkey and Me wants to say a big BIG thank you to Bec and her amazing site MadeIt.

We wouldn't be in business without your help.

Sunday, June 20

Quilted Throw Rugs

Monkey and Me has listed a beautiful Floral Throw Rug - just head over to my MadeIt Store by clicking the button on the left of this page!

Saturday, June 19

Shirts. . .

Well monkey and me was born out of my love for fun applique on kids shirts - inspired by my own little monkey AJ. But now that it is off the ground, we have a store at MadeIt, a facebook page, our own email address and a date set for our first markets; I am beginning to see the possibilities are endless!

I have made a sock monkey (entirely hand-stitched) I am almost finished my first quilt (and Im pretty happy with it too), and all of the sewing jobs I used to think were too fiddly and time consuming seem a breeze with the help of my new BFF.

Ah my sweet Janome - I think we have many long and exciting years ahead of us!

I hope one day to look back at this particular post and think to myself - wow I cant believe our international company was bon out of such humble beginnings!

But enough daydreaming for today - I wanted to post a few pics of my stuff so far. They are not the best pictures but it is a start! And I will post more in the next few days as we get preped for the upcoming Baby Markets!