Tuesday, June 22

Giveaway to celebrate our One Week Birthday!

I know it's a little silly but I'm so excited about Monkey and Me and it has been a happening thing since this time last week - so in celebration I am having a giveaway!!

You need to work for it though. . .

I want to introduce to monkey's newest friend and though She will be only staying with us for a short time I hope as She is listed for sale at our Monkey and Me Madeit Store, She needs a NAME. . .

I intend on making a whole family of similar characters - my challenge to you all is to think of a name for this little collection of friends! So comment below and tell me your thoughts, the winner will one of their very own.

A dear friend of mine came up with a name yesterday but it wasn't as friendly as we want really. So get thinking - you have until midday friday when I will pick a winner. ( And keep in mind that although this friend is obviously a girl there will be boys it cant be too cutsie).


jandkturnbull said...

Ok... here we go. Name ideas again...
What about Alpha- she's the first character created by Monkey & Me (Alpha is the beginning, the first letter in the Greek Alphabet)
Or, you could do gender similar names. SUch as Henry & Henretta, or George & Georgia/Georgina
Or, um... having writers block- will get back to you! Loving this Elle- you're inspiring me. Dream big lovely lady!

Jodi said...

Go Kylie!! How about Millie Monkey?

Monkey and Me said...

Kim Bartlett commented on our facebook page
"tried to get these to you thru your blog but i don't think it worked .... So, mermoset, snuggers, maile (may lee), kimiko (my fav) bonnybelles, macrags, turk (tarzans monkey), masaaki (monkey magics real name) all looks good. Go girl"

Thanks Kim

jandkturnbull said...

Some more thoughts:
Albert (I love this name for a soft toy!), perhaps Albetta for a girl?
Jod- My Milly (really, Amelia/Mia) is definately a monkey!
Sugar & Spice (One for a boy version, one for a girl?)
Or you could steal names from famous books for all of the different characters you'll create. Shakespeare has lots of great names- Horatio, Hamlet, Ophellia, Puck.... That way is would make it easier to narrow down a name each time you created a character and give some consistancy? Not that that is hugely important. I'm starting to ramble, aren't I?
You could call a giraffe one that you make Bean Sprout. But this one's not a giraffe, so probably not as relevant at this stage...
Of course, Olivia & Amelia are stunning names. But probably not what you're after for this application.
Will keep thinking and may come back with another ramble.
Love, xx

info said...

Morning Elle,
Better jump in here with a suggestion before the closing date of your comp: I thought "Minky" was cute, and there is another name floating around in my head but it is hiding at the moment. I will come back shortly and give you that one.
Good luck with your inspiring projects.

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