Friday, July 23

So what do you think?

It has been far too busy a week this week. I have had so much to share with all and no time to share it :-(

Today is a busy day with an exam to do at two and i LONG night of sewing ahead of me to be sure, and double sure I am ready for the markets tomorrow. But I just wanted to ask you all want you thought of the new look for our little blog? So please leave a comment and let me know!

If you like it you should certainly head over and check out Calico and Co. Amanda is a very clever graphic designer who has helped me out with logos, blog design and a few other tricky things. Working with her has been a pleasure so if you need any of these services I can not recommend her enough!

But even if you don't need these things make sure you check out her blog - she shares some of the most interesting things, talks about Aussie designers, has loads of giveaways and more!