Friday, July 30

I should be. . .

I should be hanging out washing - the last load has been finished since about 4 this afternoon.

I should be sewing - I have loads of orders to get on with! YAY!!

I should even more than that be studying - I have my LAST three uni exams coming up over the next two wks (that is if i manage to pass all these ones). YES so close! Then just a few more assignments over the coming months and I will be DONE!

So why aren't I sewing, or studying? Well I have just put the baby to bed and did a quick email, FB, twitter check before I got into work of one kind or another. And I have a new liker on FB (up to 152 now!!) and a new email from another WAHM. I have also had tweets of mine ReTweeted!

And it just struck me - I love this network of Work At Home Parents that I have accidently become apart of. So many of us do similar things but we still all shout out and support each other rather than the backstab competitiveness you find in the corporate world. So to all you mums (and dads) out there trying to achieve the same thing - a better life for you and your kids, hopefully getting to do something you love along the way - THANK YOU for your support, kindness and willingness to build each other up!

Hope you are all having a great Friday night - I better study, or should I sew???