Tuesday, July 27

Yay - its still Tuesday!!

TUESDAY TREASURES!! I am so glad I made to the computer while it is still Tuesday this week.

I do admit for the past hour my attention has been very divided - by that I mean I look at the computer for the few min during the ad breaks of rafters! I cant help it!!

Anyway now onto business and this weeks Tuesday Treasures from Made It have a very special theme. ECO FRIENDLY!

This theme is in celebration of Monkey and Me's new ECO, ORGANIC, BAMBOO clothing range! I am SO SO excited to start sharing these with you all. But thats for another day (hopfully very soon).

It is with this in mind that I am bring you 5 amazing Made It finds from five great stores, all of which are in someway mindfully of their Eco Impact while crafting!!

one - You cant get much more ECO Friendly then abit of good up-cycling! Check out this great skirt from Lillipilli Lane, it is made from a preloved table cloth. It is fun, frilly and yellow - how can it not be great??

two - A cute little halter neck dress, made from recycled fabric! Cute cute CUTE! Red Tree Designs is another store to be sure to stop by, all of their stuff is Eco Friendly and it is all so bright, fun and fantastic!

three - Forget me Not Matchbooks are sweet little note pads made from recycled, handmade cupboard and paper. Their size means you can keep them in heaps of places to write you self reminder notes. I love the colors too.

four - Now who doesn't love a good hobby horse? Well I put it to you that you do not know a GOOD hobby horse until you have checked these out!! Calamity Bolt makes these and amazing, unique horses from reclaimed fabric and sustainable pine.

five - now I promise she isn't paying me, and I didn't even go looking for these I stumbled across them in my ECO hunt! But the clever little lady who helped me with my blog, logo and various other design tasks - who also blogs and I am such a million other creative bits and pieces - is working on a stationery line called Lemon Tree Lane. I think these "In Any Language" prints are wonderful! They come in various different colors and you can get brother, sister, father, mother and friend! And of course they are Eco Friendly to boot!!

Hope you had as much fun as I did, Im off to bed! :- )