Wednesday, July 14

Wednesday Wonders @ MadeIt dot com dot au

Obviously this is in place of our Tuesday Treasures that unfortunately didn't happen yesterday for a few reasons - not least of which was the speed - or lack there of in relation to my internet connection! ARGH I hate it when it goes slow - there are too many weird and wonderful things online!

Any way so despite the snail speed at which my browser loads I am attempting to filter some good MadeIt stuff your way still. My dilemma from last week continues though - how can I narrow it down to just FIVE!

Well this week I am cheating a little - I thought the theme could be "Store Names" because some of the people of MadeIt inspire me just due the creative name they come up with for their store (or brand).

So here goes -

1. Bugalugs Handmade - this one pulls at my heart strings - when monkey isn't being called Monkey he gets Bugalugs! It is something my mum and dad called me too so i had to check out what they sell. And CUTE - all things crocheted! I know another store I talked about recently did some amazing crocheted stuff but this stuff is just as amazing but totally different! Check out these adorable softies!

2. Here We Go Loppy Lou - I dont know about you but I can NOT read this name without singing the song to myself. And to top it off they sell fabric greeting cards . . .sewing and stationary - I am in heaven!
3. Mugalicious - who doesnt love tea, or coffee and therefore MUGS! How incredibly cute is this stuff!

4. Edward and Lilly - A girl after my own heart! I love the simple lines and the beautiful embroidery Rebecca at Edward and Lilly uses in her designs. This is my fav - but make sure you head to her store because it is all cute cute CUTE!

5. Howdy Stranger - This may be favorite for the week! The name is so simple but like loppy lou it rings it my head and my inner monologue gets a southern drawl without even thinking about it. Which I think is kinda fun really! Oh and have you seen the stuff they make ( want to say cute but I think I used that too much in #3 and #4 - so instead i will say. . .) super fun, a little funky and very vintage! Ah I am in love!

Thanks for reading - feel free to leave comments I love to chat!

Hope you have enjoyed our little MadeIt Moment - next week I think I am going to talk about five things that I have bought from the site (why this has not occurred to me sooner I don't know!!)


Melinda @ Here We Go Loopy Lou said...

I've come to your lovely blog via twitter and then saw this post! Thank you so much for mentioning my store! The name makes me want to sing too!!

Anonymous said...

hi! i used to be a frequent vissitor at ppr. and sadly missed meeting you (not forever though i hope :). i love the stuff you make and really look forward to seeing lots more! good luck with it all

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