Wednesday, July 21

Another Wednesday Wonder!


That is all I have been doing this week as I have an intensive class all day everyday AND this Saturday is our big Markets Debut!! I will post more about this a little later. . .

But First here is my wonderful MadeIt finds for the week! The theme this week is GLASS! I thought this would make it easy as surely there aren't many people out there working with glass - well how silly was I! But I'm glad I picked this one because once more I am dazzled with the variety and quality of the handmade products out there!!

One - These great pendents have been made from vintage story books set under tempered glass. But make sure you head to the store of Red Zebra Designs as they have an amazing array of fun quirky things on offer! From belt buckles to head bands to keyboard key jewelry they have it all!

Two - Nomstar make super sweet magnets from exciting papers and high quality glass. I love these but at my house they would still get put straight in the mouth of a certain cheeky monkey, so I will have to wait a while yet.

Three - Now this is a little trip down memory lane. . .I do love owls! How could you not keep one of these in your handbag and take it with you wherever you go! It is a pocket mirror and let me tell you I hardly look in my bathroom mirror before I leave the house in the morning and I sure don't touch up my makeup through out the day (cause I'm not often wearing makeup). But even I sometimes wish I had a mirror with me - so now I can have one with owls on it! Iszle is another store well worth a lengthy browse.

Four - Another story book necklace but with a very different feel and one that actually stirs some memories reading Brer Rabbit with mum and dad as a kid. Head over to Wendushka and see their great range of vintage inspired necklaces.

Last but not Least - Antic Design makes these adorable little turtle ear rings. I think I love them partly because if I had to pick a favorite color it would be green! Detailed with gold and measuring 4cm these turtles would look so cute!!

Thanks again for reading and I hope next week will be less hectic and that should mean more blogging :-) Happy Wednesday everyone!