Wednesday, October 27

So much to tell you!

Its been quite a while since we spoke last and loads of exciting things has happened for Monkey and Me - its really a bit hard to know where to start. Ok well the last post was about the market - so lets get back to that!

I had a Blast so I want to say a HUGE THANKS to Christine who runs the Townsville and Mackay Babies and Kids Markets. I would also like to thanks Miss Danielle from the beautiful Lilah Rose who sat next to me and kept me company all day (and also let me cuddle her tiny 6 week old baby girl)! You are both great women doing wonderful things!

"Pics of the stall?" you say, HHMM you think there would be - but due to a naughty camera I can not download them. I haven't given up hope just yet but it is not looking good! Maybe I will have to recreate the set up for you and take some pics. Thanks to my awesome bunting from Giggleberrry Creations the still did look amazing!

Right clothes, clothes, clothes and more clothes!! Monkey and Me has loads of fun new stuff for summer (and a bit for christmas too) but i won't bother telling you about them because pictures speak louder than words.

We have Girls Shorts. . .

and Boys Shorts. . .

Sets. . .

We have Christmas tees. . .

And Christmas Outfits. . .

But here is something I will tell you about. . . here is Monkey and Me's newest and most exciting product!

Draw A Toy!

"What's that you say?"

Well that is where you can get your children (or yourself) to draw a picture, send the pic (by post or email to Monkey and Me, and we will send you back your picture - in a frame, ready to hang in your kids room and accompanied by a matching toy!

In short your kids will own a one of a kind toy that they designed. If your kids are too young (like mine is still poking wholes in paper as appose to making pictures) you can send in a drawing or request a custom toy and matching drawing so you can still know no one in the world has the same toy!

The drawing can be of anything from robots to dinosaurs, rabbits to rainbows, flowers to bicycles. If you can draw it we can stuff it!

"How much?" you ask.

Why $40 of course (plus postage - $8)

Let me know your thoughts on this new product and if you have any questions or want to order one just post a comment or email me at