Sunday, October 10

Market time again

Oh my goodness - it just dawned on me that the Babies and Kids Market is in less than two weeks! And due to a family wedding, a cranky sick baby and uni uni and more uni I have just had almost 3 weeks in which I have hardly touched the sewing machine!

Breath Elle . . . panic slowly. . .OK - so today I went to office works (I am a closet stationary nut by the way) and bought myself some exciting new toys!

  • Yellow note paper - may not seem exciting to most but I have already brainstormed the hell out it and I am less likely to lose it amongst the uni work cause its YELLOW!
  • Clips which I am going to use to hang some calico to my wall in the morning to use as a project board
  • Colored cards to use as To Do cards which can be filed or pined to my wall depending on priority
  • Pens - it will be nice to have working pens in my work space again
These may seem silly to you but I am pumped! I have written shopping lists, to-do lists, ideas, packing lists for the day - oh how I love lists! Now tomorrow is a crazy busy day but come 5 pm tomorrow I will be in lockdown Market Mode!! YAY I cant wait - I had so much fun last time and this time I already know I am sitting near another exciting new business owner and friend, Danielle - Lilah Rose sells amazing baby carriers and nappy pouches. She has wonderful organic products available.

If you are Townsville local make sure you come by the markets - there was some amazing stuff there last time!