Thursday, October 7

As Seen in . . .

It is with a racing heart beat and a smile from ear to ear that I share with you the exciting news. . .

Monkey and Me is in PRINT - wow is that a little surreal or what?

Dumbo Feather is a fabulous mook (half mag half book), that comes out four times a year. Each issue contains the stories of five remarkable, creative people.

I myself only discovered it a short time ago but I find it truly inspirational and always interesting! So when there was an opportunity for new businesses to advertise at a discounted rate I jumped at it!!

With the help of a wonderful friend Michaela, and her beautiful daughter Julia, my own handsome Monkey, and the amazing Amanda Fuller - who has done lots of great design things for me now - the ad was completed and submitted all in about 4 days.

I strongly suggest heading to the website and checking out Dumbo Feather - but for those of you who dont here is the ad. What do you think?