Thursday, October 7

Slump, funck, rut - you name it Im in it!

So. . . What to do about it?

Well a few things actually! First - I have quit my day job, it is just making me stress and anxious! I haven't quite reached the point yet where I don't have to work a bread and butter job at all (sadly) but the job I am currently doing is a boring office job with too much pressure and no enjoyment. I used to love it but times change and priorities change. SO the job has to change!! I feel so good about this decision.

This Saturday I am starting a NEW and very EXCITING job and a beautiful quilting and craft shop in Townsville - Pom Pom Rouge! So I will be around heaps of pretty fabrics, clever people and new found love for all things quilty!

The other thing I have tried to do though it didnt work well while I was away is set myself work hours. While this sometimes means doing work when I would rather not more importantly it stops me for fiddling on the computer when I should be playing with my monkey!

Within these work hours I am also allocating myself specific time to business development, production sewing (filling orders and market prep) and creative sewing (anything fun!) This is helping me focus and get my tasks done but still enjoy myself!

Oh and I have a new found appreciation for all things caffeine; but especially a yummy Japanese green tea with lime - its great hot or cold! MMMmmm tea!!!

The last very exciting thing on my list of De-rut tricks is to sign myself up for a Spring Craft Project! This is a project run by the Creative Collective - who is a group of creative, clever bloggers who want to offer interactive projects for their readers so have joined forces and are kicking it off with a Spring inspired project - head over here if you want to read more about it.

Feel free to leave comments with springy suggestions - maybe a light cotton quilt? Or a floral dress? What do you guys think? I am defiantly thinking Amy Butler will play a role!