Tuesday, September 7

Poor Monkey!

Oh my poor blog - I do love you!! And readers I love you too!! I have just been SO crazy busy these last few weeks the days just slip away one after the other and no blogging gets done. Well tonight I am here - and I have so much to tell you all.

The reason I have been a little absent is I am busy with my new little venture that like Monkey and Me I thought would take a while to grow and change into a full fledged plan - but no - it has boomed into my life like freight train and it is full steam ahead!!

I am kicking off a store for Clever Crafty Types to sell their products at very low cost. There will be some sort of membership fee and maybe a small commission on sales but all of this will be put back into building and growing the business so we are all winners. I don't want to make money out of your products but build a place we can all make more money from our wares!

The store will be called Buy Hand and I hope to have the website live and full of products by Octobers end. This will soon be followed by a retail outlet in Townsville, QLD.

If you like the idea check out my other blog Buy Hand - or our Facebook page! I was lucky enough to do a guest post on the beautiful Hello Owl Blog so while you jumping around the net stop by over there too.

This new venture may take some of my attention away from MnM but I am hoping not much at all as I love this business and Buy Hand was born out of a need to find an avenue to sell my products that worked for me.

The exciting thing about our facebook page is that it is interactive and I strongly encourage feedback! I am hoping Buy Hand can suit you too so tell me what you want in a stockist!

Oh and in case you dont follow Monkey and Me on Facebook here are some pics of what I have been up to lately. . .